I love visiting my old hometown of Melbourne! It's stimulated lots of new possibly crazy ideas....

I love visiting my old hometown of Melbourne! It’s stimulated lots of new possibly crazy ideas….

It’s the first night of a great trip back to my original home city of Melbourne (Victoria). It’s a beautiful Coastal City that is full of style, fashion, culture, trams and very cold weather.

As someone who is originally from Melbourne who DEFECTED to live in Sydney for the rest of his days, it’s great to be back for a few days to visit my folks with my special / significant other.

My brain has been pumping out creative business ideas that I am actioning now and I have found this over the years almost every time:

– When you get out for a break / mini-holiday the creative ideas flow!

I think there are a lot of reasons for that and one of them is that you break your routine for a short period of time.  It allows you to do totally different things enabling new insights and creative thought to kick in.

For me part of this was going through the lovely Queen Victoria Markets and seeing quite a sophisticated coffee house that ONLY sold coffee. They had a massive line and were producing cups of coffee with what I drank today being one of the best cups I have had in my entire life. Even the packing was quite clever and this experience got me thinking on a range of different viewpoints.

It’s been driving me to think of what new creative ideas I can bring to my business? What new things can I do? What awesome ideas can I come up with and the like?

For me already it’s got me rethinking and improving my Facebook to make it more powerful, compelling and of course – super interesting.

My advice and thinking on this one? Business & Marketing success is dependent on creative ‘out of the box’ ideas and sometimes a short trip is great for that. Melbourne is doing me lots of good and who knows what profitable ideas I shall come up with? (Hopefully a few lol).

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – stay awesome!

P.S. More of Awesome Melbourne Here I come!



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