The New Awesome Year of 2015 is here and the 'Timer has Started'. I trust these insights help you kick butt in profitable style!

The New Awesome Year of 2015 is here and the ‘Timer has Started’. I trust these insights help you kick butt in profitable style!

It’s 2015 and the new year is upon us! The fireworks were amazing in Sydney CBD, everyone came together after a very challenging year for Australia and guess what? IT’S A NEW YEAR!

This is my 3rd year of Business now and every holidays I enjoy my time off, quite often pondering how I can do it better the next time around.  Many of my awesome private mentoring clients and colleagues are no different – it’s a great chance to “Forget About Business”and reflect in more of a “Strategic” rather than “Day to Day” type of manner.

The most common complaint / request I get isn’t so much “Edward, I need more Clients”, it’s more “Edward, I need more of the Right Profitable & Awesome Clients – and how do I get them with the least effort possible?”.

This is a very fair statement / question to ask and it’s many of the concepts I explore in my Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia”

These are my Top 7 Tips which I have followed personally and advised hundreds of people to do the same with Profitable Success:

1) Complete Your Business & Marketing Plan: A massive must that I highly recommend.  A great plan reduces stress, makes life easier and makes success more possible.  You are welcome to access my own format right here on the house.

2) Really Think through your Point of Difference: Selling the “Same Stuff” as everyone else is a risky prospect.  You really got to think of “What’s Unique” about what you do.  I often refer to this as the “Edge”, or that competitive difference of why you are a good option.   Mine for example is “Real, Workable and Easy Sales & Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners”.  Think of yours!

3) Understand who you are targeting: Who are the ideal clients for you and what are you trying to sell them? For me, I love working with Small Business Owners of just them to say 20 staff.  I hit it off with them big time and they love me and I love them.

4) Think about the Marketing that Works & Doesn’t: Great to really put some thought into this one.  What have you done Marketing wise that works and what doesn’t? It always helps guide ones thinking and if you are say starting out with nothing – feel free to read through my blog or drop me a line.  Good to start somewhere!

5) Have a Plan beyond the Money: Just saying you want to make $250,000 at the end of the year isn’t enough.  You want to break it down to realistic and achievable targets.  How many clients is that? What do you have to sell at that price? Are you being reasonable?

6) Think about where you are headed: Where are you aiming to be personally say a few years later? Good to be clear on that so what you are doing today is compatible with that.  My own goal for example is to have a great online business, have heaps of great Private Mentoring Clients and be speaking at key events. So far so good!

7) What are you going to do tomorrow? I can’t stress this one enough! You got to have actions ready in the pipeline and get work on this one.

I trust these points help you out in your journey for a Fun, Profitable and Successful 2015! I am right behind you and thank you for taking the time to read this article.  The “Awesome Marketing Vault” as well is my Premium Online Community full of Real, Workable Strategies and Insights.  It’s a perfect place to start for many and check it out right here to learn more.

Love your work and thank you from Edward Zia!

"The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia" - a Premium Online Course full of Awesome, Realistic and Workable Sales & Marketing Strategies!



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  1. You people rock and thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy these Sales and Marketing Insights! Edward Zia

    • The truth is, you rock too Edward Zia! Thank you for your helpful tips and the downloadable Marketing plan. It will certainly help me clarify my thoughts and point me in the right direction.

      When working by oneself is it so easy to get side tracked, deluded and depleted of drive and motivation

      Knowing that you are ‘there’ for people like us is certainly a warm comfort.

      • Awww you are very kind Alfred! Your comments do mean a lot to me and love your work. That is true – working by oneself can be a real challenge at times (believe me I know!).

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