When you marketing is no longer work

The more you love your marketing, the less it feels like work!

The more you love your marketing, the less it feels like work!

Talking more to entrepreneurship; I have been having the conversation about what it’s like to be in business with many people.

Some have just started working for themselves, some are already in the zone getting great results and I get asked quite a bit why I love what I do so much.

When I originally started my business I put lots of though into what I want to do. My own personal objectives was to come up with a ‘lifestyle’ business which is something I will ‘do forever’ so to speak.

As I am doing exactly what I love, the marketing of it isn’t hard at all. I love marketing, personally admire the people I get to work with and as a result I tend to think about my business 24 hours per day.

It’s not that I am thinking about it in a negative sense or anything like that; I actually am thinking about it because I love it so much and want to continually advance my agenda. Furthermore when it comes to the actual marketing strategies I use; I have stayed out of doing things which I don’t like. I love meeting people, hitting events, email marketing, Facebook and all that and I don’t like cold calling at all (so I don’t do cold calling!).

The operative point being is that I love the strategies I do and the business itself is something I find totally enjoyable.

As my marketing is no longer ‘work’ so to speak; instead of having to make myself do it, I am drawn to it because I want to do it.

My advice and thinking? I say this to myself in the mirror and the awesome person (you) reading this article very clearly in that you want to make your marketing ‘no longer work’. Sure – when you get it started it can be a grind but once you are in the zone it’s something you are drawn to without effort.

As you also love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work and you can find yourself doing some crazy hours with a massive smile. For me it has been anything from doing selfie videos talking about marketing at the gym (late at night sometimes) to writing blogs at all crazy times of day (whilst seeing my awesome of course).

Make your marketing fun, your business what you want and do it the way you like. As you embrace this, it starts feeling less and less like ‘work’ every day. You may have to make some simple or radical decision to make that happen, but the sooner you do it the better.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!