Marketing like an athlete

Treat yourself like an athlete!

Treat yourself like an athlete!

It was a few months ago actually where I was on a train pondering life, business, marketing and all things nice; when I concluded that we in business need to basically have the health of ‘athletes’ (or at least athletes on holidays).

I started realising big time that I need to be physically healthy, feel good, have high levels of endurance and really look like someone who takes care of themselves. Especially such as in the coaching, mentoring and consulting game where you are selling really ‘high value ideas’.

I then started thinking about improving my health big times and some months later I am feeling great. I have trimmed down, feel good and my endurance is much more than what it used to be. What it’s allowed actually is to work faster, harder and better – and:

– Market like an athlete!

What I mean by that reference is that because I have better endurance, more creativity and feel better is that I end up putting more out on social media, attending more events and talking more leverage and automation; I run better quality events and online marketing. This allows better results from many points of view and everyone agrees with me on the health / business link.

In order to achieve this; it takes us to really focus on our health. It comes down to everything. Our relationships, what we eat, how much we sleep, how much junk food / alcohol we ingest and the like. I actually now say to clients that health is critical and they need to work on it. Even though I am hardly a Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach; any entrepreneur is really the one-person army that fly’s their flag and generates a buck.

My advice and thinking? Really focus on your health. If I did it all again I would have been much healthier in the growth and development of my business. Everyday I think it’s important to become more disciplined and drive our own performance on many levels.

Having said that, I did drink lots of ‘wine’ last week at events, so I am going hard this week to balance things out.

You will never get it perfect, but in order to market like an athlete – make sure you feed and treat yourself like one.

Stay awesome, thank you for the read and go hard and win!