Creating VICTORY conditions

The Victory Team at the launch. Obviously they are busy winning. Love it.

The Victory Team at the launch. Obviously they are busy winning. Love it.

Even though it was only a few years; it seems like a lifetime ago where I used to hit and run many business networking breakfasts across town. I must have met hundreds (if not thousands) of people in those few years and I remember running one even where I met a very strong and energetic man by the name of Warren McGrath.

He at the time was a manager in the Serviced Office space (which is a massively growing area) and we stayed in light contact over the years as things changed and moved on. Over that time I moved on from those breakfasts and actually got involved in the profitable business chambers and got into many more quests.

Then, “out of the blue” I hear from the awesome Warren in that he is about to open a new Serviced Office in Sydney CBD.

I was very interested (although somewhat critical) and he invited me to a launch party of the “Victory Corporate Serviced Offices” on 200 George St in Sydney CBD (EY Building).

From the moment I walked in I thought WOW!

It was seriously impressive. Besides all the very good looking people there (including myself lol), the office was a beautiful 5 star quality (definitely on the productive / business / luxury angle like you would see with Pullman Hotels for example).

There was no cheesy signage; in fact there was no signage at all giving that business look and the views, offices and setup were amazing. Interesting I noticed that the style was darker and not quite what you get usual of Sydney.

Upon digging and finding out the story; they are a concept from Melbourne and it’s their first of many offices to come in Sydney. Being a Melburnian once myself – this explained everything. The darker premium look, the luxury, the finishing touches and the productive nature of it all.

Serviced Offices like Victory often target the fast growing SME (‘Small Medium Enterprise’) market with people say like myself wanting to get quality office space in a serviced communal manner. It works incredibly well and I can see Victory certainly setup for success.

As an ironic nod to the name, I have often used the term with clients “Creating VICTORY conditions”. What this basically means is setting yourself up for success in business. This includes having the right business, being physically fit / emotionally ready, having the right relationship & family support and of course having the right actual physical office space that enables success.

You need to look the part, be the part and of course get results for your clients like the best of us. This in turn creates “VICTORY” everyone.

My advice and learnings? If you are looking for a place to work, add Victory Serviced Offices to your review list and make sure you set yourself up to win. Love your work, thank you Warren, George & Dan – it’s an honour meeting you fine people and the team.

P.S. Visit their Corporate Website here to learn more.