Kappy and Suraj - the two awesome entrepreneurs from inode cloud who know how to party and get great ideas flowing! Yeah!

Kappy and Suraj – the two awesome entrepreneurs from inode cloud who know how to party and get great ideas flowing! Yeah!

I have had one amazing Sunday as I sit here at 9:45PM writing this fine article.  I am married to my work and I have had one powerhouse day! I have met with some amazing clients today including Lauren Watts, Daniel Doherty and I had an amazing “Lunchtime”.

As per my Persian heritage and not letting down Sydney based Stereo-types against Middle Easterners – I was “Doing Business” and “Smoking Drugs” in Auburn.

I am very lucky to be working with some amazing individuals Kappy and Suraj – who run a Hosting Company by the name of inode cloud. These boys are incredible entrepreneurs and I really enjoy meeting my “Fine Tech” clients. Obsessed with technology such as I – even though I am a Persian Man, I am quite strangely disconnected from my own Middle Eastern Culture.

If you don’t know it – Auburn is a Middle Eastern Suburb of Western Sydney, that has a very rough reputation for Gangs, Shootings and all bad stuff.  But where I come to defend it’s title, for Middle Eastern food they are outstanding and yes – I was “Smoking Drugs” with my clients today.  If you have never tried this before, it’s called “Hubbly Bubbly” – which are those massive smoking pipes.

They ordered one and I am like “Hmm, I don’t smoke – are you sure?”.  Being like a 13 year old boy hiding behind the back of the school shed giving in to peer-group pressure, I took the pipe and started chuffing away like a try-hard kid trying to fit in.  I LOVED IT! Wasn’t like smoking tobacco at all – it had a flavour about it and boy did it get me high.

Not “Drug High” but high enough like having an instant coffee giving me that refreshed feeling.  By taking small amounts of this fine drug, it immediately pepped me up – and our creative ideas were flowing.  If you know me already, I am a fairly intense guy as it – and this just gave me this edge! Where am I going with this article I am writing? Am I going to tell you that “Drug’s are Bad, Mmm-Kay?”

This experience (which was legal of course!) reminded me as to the fun of taking drugs, but also the danger of them.  Of course smoking legal tobacco in a legal “Hubbly Bubbly” pipe is hardly an addictive experience – part of me is already wanting my “Next Shot” as on a range of levels I got alot out of the buzz.  I have to be careful of course – being an Ex-Veteran Suffering from PTSD, I can get hooked on stuff very quickly.  But boy it’s fun!

What I found very scary about the experience was that when I had a bit of this in my system – I could feel a great deal of my inhibitions leaving really quickly and the creativity was flowing and it was flowing fast! This can be good – and I think as Business Owners, having a drink or doing something fun like this a great release.  As long as of course they stay “Fun” and not something you do too much of.

Talking Food, Alcohol more – I have seen personally (and for me included), it can be a massive problem for people in business.  Like I was for a while (and even at times today), I was eating way too much food – or just drinking too much.  The questions is watching for when the “Fun” turns into a “Requirement”.  I had some massive problems with food about 1 year ago that made me really sick and quite overweight.  But bring it back to awesome Kappy, Suraj and Hubbly Bubbly – moderation is what matters here.

But it’s all solved now! The trick I have learnt in business and especially lately when it comes to Marketing Ones own Small Business is the importance of creativity.  Every so often you got to break the mould, do something different and get out there and approach things from a fresh perspective.  It could be going for a walk, going on a mini-holiday, going to a different part of town, seeing an old friend or something way more constructive than what I was up too x x

I think Kappy & Suraj have nailed that model in a very creative way – go to Auburn, “Smoke Some Drugs” and let the ideas flow! We came up with some amazing ideas and approaches and there you go – all in moderation of course!

Hope you enjoyed my read and I can promise you that I am 100% Sober as I write this article.   If you are after even more 100% Sober awesomeness, make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault.  100% Awesome, 100% Great Ideas and 100% Drug-Free!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Persian Guy who enjoys the odd “Hubbly Bubbly!”



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