I would be the cat over the chicken any day awesome people! Giving into being chicken like I did for years won't make you successful! Learn from my mistakes :)

I would be the cat over the chicken any day awesome people! Giving into being chicken like I did for years won’t make you successful! Learn from my mistakes!

I used to be “Chicken”.  Yes, a big fat old Chicken.  If you haven’t heard this quite funny saying (as I noticed quite a few young folk don’t know what it means) – it basically means that you are afraid, a coward and it’s quite a derogatory word to call someone a “Chicken”.  My life and business rocks these days and I am well into the journey of success and in my ripe old age of 35 (yes I am really old now) – I have lived many lives and seen tons of extreme situations that always like to get me and keep me thinking.

Over the past 1 to 2 years, my life has come together and it has me continually asking the question “Why?”.  Besides me being a Marketing Mentor, loving Small Businesses and all that – I always find it completely necessary to always question my own thought and success from several points of view:

– So I understand it, so I don’t stuff up again.

– I am a curious type of guy.

– So I can help others understand and learn from my own lessons.

In my own personal case – I used to be paralysed by fear, the status quo and at times peer group pressure.  I would at times let evil bosses push me around, not let my voice be heard and even worse – not stick up for people when they needed it.  I am of course being hard on myself – in my old life I did tend to stand up for others, but deep down I never did it as well as I do today to help out my common friend.

Lately in my life my success has come from the direct opposite.  Challenging people doing the wrong thing, overcoming my own fears, taking intelligent risks, questioning my own thinking and acting in ways that totally terrify me – but I know are for my own good.

Not just being an entrepreneur, but in life – I really do think that “Being Chicken” is a very bad strategy.  To clarify the difference, being intelligently cautious is one thing – but taking it too far to be a scaredy cat and not take action – won’t only be a disaster but I can promise it will keep you poor and unsuccessful. It certainly did for me and I find that unless we confront our own fears on a continual basis – they eventually take us over and make us:

– Average Characters!

Which totally sucks! It means you will not earn more than $60,000 per year, will be overweight and have a 50% chance of divorce.  Not my odds thank you! My lessons in life and reflecting on it lately:

– Push yourself everyday.  Just that little bit.  Go a bit harder.  Go that extra mile.

That do me I think has been one of the core keys of my success and I love it! And like all things, you love success and want more of it – make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault – full of Awesome Strategies and tips!

Thank you for the read, keep up the great work and love from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and guy who ain’t chicken anymore!



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