Life and Business is just much better when we take it seriously and are playing to win....

Life and Business is just much better when we take it seriously and are playing to win….

When it comes to business, success and especially marketing – I have found over the years that many don’t get the results they want because they don’t ‘play to win’.

I once was like that actually in terms of doing my business, but I was hardly operating or behaving in a way that would have led to any reasonable form of success. As time passed I got over this and what got me thinking about this was a funny experience I had tonight.

My better half and I currently live in Northmead borderlining Western Sydney and Sydney’s Hills. It’s this nice suburb in between two key areas and one can easily go to the “Real Streets” of Parramatta or head to the more “Pleasant Streets” of Hills.

Tonight we chose the Awesome Real Streets (which is more me) and visited one of our favourite Middle Eastern places in a suburb called Granville.

It’s a great suburb with lots of people clearly in transition. A Middle Eastern area with a mix of Christians and Muslims all with their first generation of children (which would describe me). You have lots of awesome people and of course – the ‘not so desirable’ element. As we walked up, there were these tri-hard gangsters who got into a fight.

Understandably my better half was scared and I was laughing – they weren’t really fighting in my book. They were slapping each other around and both clearly lacked any form of combat training.

As I saw this, I found it very funny and it got me thinking about their fight. They clearly didn’t like each other and although they were ‘fighting’, either one was hardly taking it seriously and driving it to an outcome.

I don’t think one should fight at all, but in particular – if no one has any plan to win there should be night fighting whatsoever. Bringing it back to business & marketing – I used to run my business without that ‘play to win’ type of mindset.

I am all for cruising and having a great time, but I think for anyone to be truly successful in business – you got take it seriously and plan to win (and play that way). Reason being is that if we don’t – we can live a life of challenge and very mediocre success.

I find the more we succeed, the more time we actually get off. So if we want to ‘Cruise’ it comes from ‘Playing to Win’ so we have the success to allow that.

My advice and thinking? Don’t screw around LOL Go hard and love it.

Thanks for the read, here to help if you need me (check out my Home Page) and of course – Stay Awesome!



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