Why work when you can fall asleep? After all - Marketing is above one's pay grade right?

Why work when you can fall asleep? After all – Marketing is above one’s pay grade right?

In all the years I have been in Marketing I have heard all sorts of excuses of why people don’t do it.

From my early days as a Technical Engineer, to Account Management Day’s, Corporate Marketing Director Success and then being a Mentor for Awesome people across town.

I have heard everything from “We think you are wrong Ed”, to “I don’t need any Marketing for my business” with my own favourite being “It’s just too much work”. But nothing beats the email I got today.

It was the *best ever* reason not to Market and I had to cut and paste from the email to prove this one too you:


Hi Edward

I am not on linkedin – it requires knowledge and activities that are above my pay grade.



This is just the best! Poor LinkedIn was the victim of this joke and it was so awesome it deserved a blog attributed to it. There are so many things wrong with this statement which I think is just totally amazing:

– If our friend is an employee, it’s about marketing himself.

– LinkedIn isn’t that hard.

– What about upskilling and increasing his pay grade?

Despite my critique though, I wish to give my friend (last name hidden) the award for the best Cop-Out of the century in marketing. I think it’s awesome and he is a very cool guy with key inspiration that we can all draw from.

If anyone asks me something I don’t want to do (wash the dishes Ed! lol) I will use the “Pay Grade” defence.

I love this example and what impresses me about this at a deep level it the mindset when it comes to Business & Marketing. We are either Mexican’s or Mexicant’s and it’s a personal choice we make.

My advice and thinking? You can choose to get into your Marketing or not. I can promise at the start it may be above your ‘pay grade’ but stick at it and you shall get into it.

Love your work, thanks for the ready, thank you to my awesome friend for the fantastic email – and Stay Awesome!



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