Making your Business ATTRACTIVE to the Best Staff!

Natasha Hawker rocked and I loved her wonderful ideas. Inspired this blog!

Natasha Hawker rocked and I loved her wonderful ideas. Inspired this blog!

I had a wonderful evening learning the latest in HR trends with the awesome Natasha Hawker at a Servcorp North Sydney Community Event.

She is a brilliant thought leader and gave extremely interesting commentary on big issues and what really matters when it comes to staff.

As a Marketing Mentor & Coach, I found it fascinating from the point of view of not so much Marketing for more clients (which of course is wonderful), but just making your company so attractive that the best staff want to work for you.

I have helped many clients in this regard, and when it comes to bringing in the best staff, this is what really matters to me and just works:

–          Having your clients love you to begin with: If your clients love what you do, potential staff will find out about this. Word of mouth travels fast.

–          A beautiful office and nice working location: Nobody likes to work in what looks like a Resistance Base in the Terminator Series. Keeping the space beautiful and attractive makes it easy.

–          A top website and social media presence: Staff assess you by how you look in this regard. Look active, people shall love it.

–          Clear Values that are consistent with your Brand Image: You want great brand values that come out in your logo and Marketing, that is also an honest representation of what working with you like it.

–          Beautiful pay and working deals that makes your company a no brainer: Great pay, top perks, brilliant training, ongoing professional development and putting this all in your job ads makes you very attractive.

My advice and thinking? Just like the awesome Natasha Hawker said to me tonight, you want everything coming together so you hire the best people, they are awesomely productive and of course you retain them!

Love your work, thank you for the read and in the zone Natasha Hawker!