Regardless of how busy or quiet you are - it's great to always be keeping an eye on your Marketing and how it's performing. It requires attention and little tweaks - the more you do, the more often - the better!

Regardless of how busy or quiet you are – it’s great to always be keeping an eye on your Marketing and how it’s performing. It requires attention and little tweaks – the more you do, the more often – the better!

Hello Awesome People!

I have been in my own business for about three to four years now and even more today than yesterday, I am forever tweaking my own Advertisements & Marketing to keep it effective, relevant and ensuring that it converts and brings in awesome leads and the like.

Be it my daily tweaks of my Facebook Advertisements, LinkedIn Updates, Website Tweaks, Working on LeadPages for Webinars and more – I find that you have to be always keeping an eye on your marketing to make sure that it’s not only promoting you the right way – but it’s actually effective and getting people to hire you!

When you get busy in small business, it can be very easy to forget “Marketing” as you may say be busy delivering the work. This can seem “Okay” in the short-term, however I have lost count of the number of clients I have had who have got into trouble by basically finishing all their projects / clients and have nothing more coming to sustain them. It’s then a tragic mad scramble to get things going on and I even once made this mistake some years back.

Be it you are busy or quiet – I find one must at least carve aside some time to continually keep an eye on Marketing to ensure it’s working. I have personally had many Facebook Advertisements that are say “Working” then a few weeks later they “Wear-Out” and stop. If I don’t know that I can be blowing money everyday. Talking more real world, one could say be going to business networking events with a pitch that for whatever reason no longer works. If you aren’t sensitive to it not working, then you can waste a lot of meetings without getting any clients or referrals.

It’s a challenge and talking more to the positive here, several months ago I personally got really on top of my own marketing. Regardless of how busy I am, I check in on my regular Sales & Marketing (especially paid advertising) to make sure I am getting value for money and it’s working for my business. If it’s not, I make change it or even not continue doing that strategy (without significant revision at least).

My advice and thinking? It’s really important to always consider what you are doing and be “Continually Improving It”. Be it tweaking some words here and there vs. a larger website update – you have to always be improving for one simple reason:

– Your Competitors Are!

Talking to the positive too, if you are miles ahead of your competitors in what you are doing you are obviously more likely to pick up more clients. How good is that? So keep at it, forever tweaking your marketing and ensuring that it’s actually working. Also be open to how much business it’s actually bringing you.

Putting it this way, my bank account loves me way more than what it did 12 months ago!

Trust you enjoy this one and love your work!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor & Commentator who loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get the Growth, Business Success and all the High Value Clients they ever want.

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