Parramatta Chamber (Western Sydney) is the best Business Chamber in town and I remember when I first arrived there - they took me in and treated my nicely.  Love their work!

Parramatta Chamber (Western Sydney) is the best Business Chamber in town and I remember when I first arrived there – they took me in and treated my nicely. Love their work!

“25% of my Consulting Revenue” was my answer to someone who asked tonight asked me why I love Parramatta Chamber so much.

I am on a massive high after enjoying the positive business networking with the “After 5” event usually the first Tuesday of every month.

It is full of Awesome Business Owners right from people like me working at home with their cats – to multi-millionaires with staff and also high powered Managers and CEOs of bigger companies / corporates.  If you are new to the concept of Chambers, they are basically “Non for Profit” organizations owned / run by local businesses for the benefit of their owners and the local community.

Parramatta Chamber is over 110 years old and there are a lot of reasons why I like it.  Talking dollars and cents, it is an obvious argument as to why.  However, I want to tell my own story of me starting out and why they just register so well for me today.

When I started out in business, it was really hard! 4Networking was relatively new (and is awesome) and I didn’t have the recognition & reputation that I do today.  I visited lots of different place around town.  It included Traditional Referral Groups, other Business Chambers, Private Networking Groups, Meetup Groups, Events & the many I have just forgotten about over the years.

With me, I am not exactly a “Suit Wearing” type of guy.  I wear floral shirts, I am quite flamboyant and as I didn’t “Have a reputation” a lot of those groups gave me attitude.  I would have so old idiot in a suit looking down his nose at me, people ignoring me and making me feel unwelcome.

Today – Things are very different for me.  I can walk into most networking events across town and it’s a fair chance they will know who I am.  They may pretend being nice to me because of the perceived power / influence I may have – but rest assured this is nothing to do with who I am as a person.

WHEN I WAS A NOBODY Parramatta Chamber were with open arms and kind to me.  They welcomed me in, they had hundreds of people, they were kind and they gave me a chance.  As time passed, I feel in love with the Chamber and I started inviting lots of people along.  As they are so cool, they recognized I was helping them and they helped me back by giving me great introductions & support.

Every month I have gone to Parramatta Chamber they are that bit bigger and there must have been a good 200+ people at tonights event.  It had buzz, it was a party, it was full of nice people and it had great commercial opportunities for someone like me.  In short, I owe a great deal of my success to 4Networking and also Parramatta Chamber.  Both combined have been the perfect combination of success that has helped me take my business to the next level.

My advice? If you are in Western Sydney, come visit the next Parramatta Chamber event.  If you aren’t or this just isn’t viable for you – search hard and find a networking environment that accepts you.  Go and find your own “Parramatta Chamber” where you feel at home.

Thank you for the read and thank you Parramatta Chamber! My life wouldn’t be the same without it!

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