Blogging! Love it and recommend it big time.

Blogging! Love it and recommend it big time.

It was a very question rich webinar tonight where many awesome people asked me great questions about blogging and how they can apply it to their own circumstances.

For me over the years, Blogging has been that ‘Bread & Butter’ strategy which at times I have questioned, but always then got reminded of how it awesome it was when a new client signs up. It’s a great way of sharing your information, building your own cult following and having people develop trust for your over time.

As a blogger myself, the fact you are reading this blog means that it works – in that this blog article will be seen thousands of times over the years. That is pretty cool, considering I have written it just once.

Included here is the Live Webinar recording and I trust you enjoy it. Get some great ideas, put them into action and totally smile!



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