He he he. Winning rocks!

He he he. Winning rocks!

I had a fantastic one out at a recent event. I was doing my thing, introducing people and someone who thinks they are a competitor to me had a shot at me.

They said I was rude, cut their conversation short and tried to muscle me. What is interesting is that I don’t even think they are a competitor at all, however they have been giving me a bit of attitude for sometime and it’s quite funny actually.

I love competition and when I meet other Marketing people, I say hello and make friends. Most are really awesome and you get every now and then (in every industry) someone who just can’t handle competition at all.

It was quite a funny system shock actually, I was busy introducing people, doing my thing at the Chamber and all of the sudden this old fat guy decides to have a shot with me and try and slow me down. It was awesome actually and they said I was rude, interrupting and said some other really mean things for me.

I threw me out for a few minutes and as I woke up the next day, it clicked to me why they are acting the way they are. He’s given me trouble before, so I know there is something going on…

The way I look at things is that there are ‘bad’ people and ‘good’ people. Each of these styles has a different take of competition:

Bad People: See competition as a threat and try and take them down any chance they get. End justifies the means.

Good People: See competition as something to be inspired by and improve. Ethics and they way you treat them is critical.

I think it’s a very telling lesson when bad people are scared of you. They know you are brilliant and they just can’t handle it.

My advice friends? The bad people tremble when you are winning. Keep winning and smile.

Always be awesome to your so called ‘competition’. They are awesome people like yourself working for a living.

Thanks for the read, love likes & shares and stay awesome!



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