SV Partners are one top Insolvency Accounting Firm and a massive thanks to Ky Chin for Inviting Martha Arifin and I to speak there. Love his work!

SV Partners are one top Insolvency Accounting Firm and a massive thanks to Ky Chin for Inviting Martha Arifin and I to speak there. Love his work!

With thanks to the awesome Ky Chin from SV Partners, Martha Arifin and I were very lucky to speak to a massive group of High End Accountants, Insolvency Specialists and Solicitors today at the SV Partners head office in Sydney today.  SV Partners are industry leaders in the areas of insolvency accounting. They are part of 4Networking and we SO LOVE THEM!

We have spoken there several times on Social Media, in particular with a key focus on using the LinkedIn Platform for Professional Based Networking.  In very simple terms, as much as I love Facebook – LinkedIn is SUPERIOR Platform for getting more Profitable Professional Connections.

Talking more to the event this morning, Ky Chin every month puts on a Networking Event for Australian and Malaysian Business Relations.  We had a good 25+ people today from Accountants, to Solicitors, to the Malaysian Government and also the high end awesome professionals from SV Partners.  Being a “Malaysian Theme”, they actually serve VERY SPICY Malaysian food at like 7AM.

In terms of the LinkedIn Platform, we Martha and I did a Walkthrough on the Platform giving some great advice to people.  Even though this article is hardly enough to talk much about LinkedIn, I wanted to share with you some of the notes from our PowerPoint Presentation – I hope you like it:

We don’t work for LinkedIn:

• Martha and I do not work for LinkedIn and we are here to give you our unbiased and objective experiences of the platform.
• We like it from the point of view of making very Profitable Connections and giving one great Professional Credibility.

LinkedIn from a Social Media Viewpoint:

• It’s great to firstly understand what “Social Media” is from a Business / Commercial Viewpoint.
• They are simply additional “Marketing Channels” through the “Internet” that help the form of Online Social Interaction.
• Depending on your situation, they can be inappropriate or brilliant for helping you promote yourself 24 / 7.

Our Views of LinkedIn:

• Outstanding for:

• Making Great New Profitable Connections.
• Helping you look Professionally Credible.
• It’s got some great groups and has millions in Australia Alone.
• The Sharing / Blogging Feature is strong.
• Premium looks Premium!

• Questionable for:

• Paid Advertising.
• Company Pages.
• Mobile Applications (slow and sluggish).
• Not as User Friendly as Facebook

The LinkedIn Checklist:
1. Create a Perfect Profile.
2. Go Premium.
3. Join Great Groups.
4. Connect with the right people.
5. Make new Connections.
6. Leverage those connections.
7. Do it everyday for maximum results.

Basically in short, you can use LinkedIn as a powerful platform to show your Professional Side, Connect with Other Professionals (be it friends, colleagues, potential jobs, getting new clients etc) and it’s great for sharing your own content and ideas to build yourself as a “Thought Leader”.

My advice? SV Partners are great so consider them in the case of anyone that needs help with Insolvency (sad but it does happen in the mean streets of today) and of course talking LinkedIn – get into it, love it and make the most of it.

Love your work and drop me a line if you need a hand Awesome Friends! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & “Crazy Persian!”



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