Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Standing out in a big city”)

The Big Apple was even bigger every way you look!

The Big Apple was even bigger every way you look!

I met up with a wonderful friend & client today and it was just great.

It was my last meeting of the day and as 5PM hit, we did what anyone should do in such situations on a Friday; stay back for a drink!

It was lots of great fun at the Pullman Sydney on Hyde Park, being an upmarket establishment full of great people. The bar there was quite busy as people were having their pre-drinks before going out for dinner.

As we spoke, we spoke about my recent trip to visit Meetup in New York with one of my photos taken as we went over the Brooklyn Bridge. This photo I took received lots of critical acclaim in how it was just the right angle up the cars, concrete and steel of New York.

What got me really thinking in this photo is how we stand out in business when we live in places of high competition. I work in an extremely competitive industry where everyone is a wonderful coach and for me it’s been a journey of standing out.

I have tried many strategies and of that has worked brilliantly as been creating my own successful Meetup Group. This has taken my business and life to the next level and has been a massive point of difference.

Sydney is a moderately large city, however is extremely competitive. In terms of Coaches, people have seemingly unlimited choices and my own Meetup Group has helped me stand apart. It’s given me a great community hub, place to bring people together, make friends, pitch my services and it’s been great.

My advice and thinking? If you are stuck in your business, consider a Meetup Group of some form. Whether you create it to bring your clients or be your own friendship / support group (or a bit of both as I have done), it attracts many benefits beyond clients. It’s changed my life on many levels and done well; I can promise it shall do the same for you.

Love your work, thank you Meetup and stay awesome friends!