Getting Everyone to Participate in your WORKSHOPS!

Our Meetup HQ was a great group of people who helped each other. I love their work!

Our Meetup HQ was a great group of people who helped each other. I love their work!

As I sit at my Windows 10 Touch Screen PC watching the Royal Wedding, I have been thinking lots about what it would have been like if Trump and Hillary Clinton went.

It would have been funny; however, I am very glad that didn’t happen in that it would have stolen too much camera from our wonderful new Duke & Duchess to come.

This got me thinking about our great workshop during the week for Meetup HQ. I love running great workshops and when you have events like these, there is always a challenge of getting as event participation as possible.

Quiet people love to sit back and absorb, with loud people who love to share their powerhouse knowledge. One must be careful in these situations to make sure everyone gets their thoughts out and the diversity of thought in a group cane come to the surface.

I know I can talk a bit and be assertive and I force myself to keep quiet more. I also love letting the uncomfortable silences play out as it allows the quiet people to come to the surface.

With quiet people too, unless you directly ask them and invite them to participate, they can sit there for two hours saying very little (which is tragic, as I want to hear their great ideas). In our workshop during the week, this was my best in that I did three key things:

  •  At the start, I asked quiet people to speak up, and loud people to give more space.
  • I would ‘pick on’ the awesome quiet people more.
  • Great loud people who loved to help, I invited to chill out more and relax.

This worked great and it was the most even participation I have ever had which was reflected in great reviews.

My advice and thinking? When you run discussions, go for everyone participating. The diversity of thought really brings a meeting to the next level and we just love it. This worked great for our Meetup HQ meeting and I shall be doing it much more in the future.

I love your work, thank you for the read and I appreciate everyone who came; love your work!