Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Care more than everyone else”)

Marcie Walker from Meetup rocks. I love her work!

Marcie Walker from Meetup rocks. I love her work!

It’s been almost 2 weeks now since I have returned from my life changing trip to New York. I met some great people, learned life changing lessons that you couldn’t pay for and had a great time!

Key learnings came especially from exceptional people. One of those elite characters is Marcie Walker, one of the Community Managers at Meetup. She helps manage Meetup and its City Organisers (including myself for Sydney) across the world.

Successful, young, powerful and in the zone; there are lots of reasons as to why she is where she is. If I was to however pick one of the key reasons why she is brilliant is that Marcie “Cares more than everyone else”.

She is right into her work, works crazy out of office hours, is extremely intelligent with a high perception and cares about what results she gets. Marcie reminds me of myself and one core reason I am successful, and I am sure she is, is due to the level of caring.

I have always worked 6 days a week my whole life and it’s normal for me. I love what I do, and I remember one job where most people were the direct opposite of awesome Marcie. They would even make fun of me for working so hard at my job and I did what anyone should do, ignored them!

Back to Marcie. She rocks, she cares and she’s extremely successful.

My advice and thinking? Care more than everyone else around you. Of course, that was very difficult for me to do at Meetup Togetherfest and everyone cared, but I still pushed myself anyway. Caring is a very underrated trait these days and the more we do it, is the more people trust us, engage with us and of course win!

I love your work, thank you for the read, thank you Marcie Walker and thank you Meetup!