Learning Entrepreneurial lessons with LOVE (with thanks to Chris & Katey Love)

Katey Love's Mesmerised and Baby Love Books rocked. Got me and the baby thinking...

Katey Love’s Mesmerised and Baby Love Books rocked. Got me and the baby thinking…

A long time ago in a state far, far away I once lived in Hobart, Tasmania. It has to be the cleanest, purest, quietest and easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The seafood is incredible, the people are really kind and it’s a whole other world. I lived there for what must have been four years to pursue actually a massive job offer that got me out of my rut (moving on from Melbourne).

Even though I don’t regret living in Hobart, it was a tough few years for me in that I really developed my independence and learned life skills that help me today as a business owner. During that time I met some wonderful people who became great friends that made a difficult time for me better, more enjoyable and giving me some great memories and times.

I met the ‘Loves’ who are this wonderful powerful couple with Chris & Katey. I actually lived with them in a shared house for a good year or so there and it was amazing. I used to be a massive gamer in those days (I still am but on mobile now) hitting my XBOX 360 hard with gun fire, awesome sound effects and anything to slowly drive them insane from my little den where I lived.

We used to speak all the time and they were then (and to this day) very successful property investors. I was working as an employee then and trying many different things to work out a new life for myself (they all actually failed really badly). After making some really bad choices and suffering from some ‘Poverty’ thinking – it actually led to me going broke and being homeless there for a short while.

I had some very rough years there and strangely a few years later, I was actually thinking about my great times with Chris & Katey Love. They were incredibility inspirational and in learning from them it helped me create my business / new life today (you wouldn’t be reading this blog if it wasn’t for them). These are some of the key entrepreneur lessons they taught me which I loved:

– Fail as much as you want. Just win in the end.

– Don’t be so emotional.

– Think for yourself.

– Keep working on things till you win.

– Success is actually really hard. But that’s cool, just stick at it.

– Get rid of people in your life that pull you back.

Amazing lessons and interestingly what prompted me to think about them was reading (well showing to my 6 week year old daughter). One is called “Mesmerised” with the other called “Baby Face”. They are books with imagery designed for 0 – 6 month olds to help them nurture their development.

At a family Chinese Dinner in Sydney; we looked over the books and our child loved them. Katey Love is a total genius and besides the great lessons she taught me many years back; she is yet helping me out today.

>> Her books are wonderful – you can learn more & purchase them here! 

My advice and thinking? There are people in your life that at times will have a massive impact for the better. They will teach you lessons with nice kindness, tough love or whatever it takes till you learn it. The reason why they are teaching you is because they like you and care for me. I think it’s critical to learn from amazing opportunities in your life.

Then interestingly today; I pass it on to many other people I am cherished to know and help.

Thank you Chris & Katey Love! You both are wonderful and love the books. My child will be way smarter now 🙂