Learn before you earn

The practical training of TAFE Western Sydney provoked some profitable thoughts...

The practical training of TAFE Western Sydney provoked some profitable thoughts…

It was some many many years ago where I first heard the saying ‘learn before you earn”. I actually think it was on a Rich Dad, Poor Dad CD with Robert Kiyosaki stoking my rebel sentiment against being an employee for the rest of my life.

Interestingly at the time I dismissed this knowledge more to desiring the quick buck.

This immature thinking obviously went bad for me and was a key contributor for me finding myself without a home for several months and ‘enjoying’ living out of my car (ironically later in life when I got my business working, my earlier education saved me).

What got me thinking about this topic was actually a really good event at the Cumberland Business Chamber in Western Sydney. It was held at TAFE Western Sydney in a place on the outer edge of Metro Sydney known as Mt. Druitt. It’s a good 43km West of Sydney and as I was listening away to the great TAFE speakers it made me really appreciate education from a different viewpoint.

For me, I actually started out as a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army and found myself working with the Feds after that. After being injured and not being able to work there anymore; I found myself going back to university to finish my education.

This in hindsight was a brilliant move in the respect that the education allowed me to start this business today (no way I would have the business intelligence to do it).

During the presentation / event at TAFE it really drove home the value of how they take in people with no skills and train them ready to get really good jobs and build a life for themselves. It’s that actual education that allows people to not only earn more for the rest of their lives; but to also work in jobs that they find more satisfying and important for them.

Tragically the event too (as they were reading out stats) reminded me as to what happens to those with no education beyond Year 12. They often earn less money, are more likely to be unemployed and are often the first to get replaced by automation / machines.

My advice and lessons from this one? Education is critical!

Even if you have no money and your immediate circumstances aren’t the best; getting educated is critical. Your knowledge will give you more options, make you more powerful and set you up for a future.

Be it from TAFE, to Academic or even say Entrepreneurial / Mentoring it all helps. Study something that is practical and matters to you – then win. My earlier education ultimately saved me from extended poverty and paved the way for my successes today.

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciate the great contributions you make TAFE Western Sydney and stay awesome!