Follow up your leads IMMEDIATELY!

Professional, savvy and in the zone - Hayley Mackintosh from Servcorp North Sydney rocks!

Professional, savvy and in the zone – Hayley Mackintosh from Servcorp North Sydney rocks!

Earlier in 2016 I was very lucky to do my first shared workshop with the awesome Hayley Mackintosh from Servcorp North Sydney. It was our ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’ and Hayley is the manager of that premium office location.

She had a section in the forum we were running to go through key research and findings generated by Servcorp to help their customers. Interestingly both Servcorp and I target basically the same type of people and if you are lucky to know Hayley personally; you will know her to be a brilliant sharp operator.

One interesting insight I got from her presentation was the importance of:

“Following up your leads immediately!”

Hayley in this presentation discussed key Roy Morgan research that looked at key areas of customer services, sales and marketing with one key one being how people look at hiring suppliers. When people make a choice; they tend to speak to around 3 different providers and the one who responds first / the fastest will far more likely to win the account (assuming all else is equal).

Today I got a lead in from a fine referral I met a few months back. I got their phone call and after I finished a meeting I got back to them (within 1 hour of them contacting me). They were really grateful for the rapid response and we have a meeting booked for next week (he is a very cool guy Рlove to work with him!).

What was interesting and reflecting on Hayley’s thinking is how the meeting is set on the right tone. My new potential customer knows I am serious, responsive and he knows “I want the account”. When it comes to our meeting next week it will certainly throw the odds in my favour.

My advice and thinking? Two points.

Firstly; get back to leads ASAP! If you are at your PC and you get the email, respond immediately. If you are in meetings, do your best to respond. If you have staff get the involved!

Secondly; Hayley and Servcorp rock and get my endorsement.

Get back to your leads ASAP. They will know you really do care and you will watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!