You know your Marketing is working when…

A clip from my best Facebook Video ad ever. I know it's working!

A clip from my best Facebook Video ad ever. I know it’s working!

It is 11:42PM at night and the business has been incredible. Lots of new leads, fantastic new clients, going to new events and really pushing myself that little bit harder.

This has been the busiest and most successful January EVER in my business with it being up 50% on same month last year. There are a lot reasons why things are going my way (from anything including me getting better and having a wonderful wife back me) with one of the key reasons my Marketing being that much better.

In terms of a very high level, we know that our Marketing is working by obvious metrics including number of leads, quality of leads and the interest we get. It’s quite easy to note from that point of view, however before the leads come in it’s great to know how things are playing out.

One problem of Marketing (that really annoys me too) is that when you start all this wonderful Sales & Marketing Work; is that you get a lag until the leads start really coming in. In a business like mine, it’s usually a good 2 – 4 months (with 4 months and afterwards being more of the avalanche that comes in).

Before the actual leads start rocking in; I have been really thinking through what are “Pre-Indicators” that our Marketing is working and working really well. Some of these I have found include:

– The number of people reading your mass emails.

– Your engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn.

– The nature of comments and support you get over Social Media.

– The number of ‘successful’ meetings you have.

– The quantity of events you are going too

– And so on.

In very simple terms, more positive activity will most likely lead to more leads. In my case for example, going to Business Chambers gets me lots of high value clients. If I want more clients, I go to more meetings!

If I know Facebook gets me say X clients per month, double the posts I am doing!

My advice and thinking? You know where I am going. The activity comes far before the actual lead. This is just how things work and it’s great being aware of that. As I sit here now, my activity has gone through the roof. This means that more and more leads are coming.

Make sure you keep that activity going out thick to get those leads coming in fast. I love that.

Thank you for the read, be in the zone and stay awesome!