Just play your own game. Your way.

George Lucas, Walt Disney, Yoda and Mickey Mouse would be proud! Played it my way and made number 1!

George Lucas, Walt Disney, Yoda and Mickey Mouse would be proud! Played it my way and made number 1!

If you know me personally, have been to one of my workshops or followed me online anytime, you will know I am a gamer.

As a father running a business now, I don’t play games like I used too; however, I am planning to get a new PC perhaps sometime next year to get into games that I must finish (being Fallout 4 and XCOM 2).

In the meantime, I have become a mad mobile gamer. Be it I am going for a walk, on the train, in bed late at night (I must stop that) or even sitting at my desk procrastinating. I have played through lots of games eventually settling for my two favourites from Disney / Star Wars:

–          Star Wars: Commander

–          Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Both these games are played with people around the world and in Galaxy of Heroes there is this cool Fleet part of the game. You basically have all the ships and characters from the whole Star Wars Universe and to get ahead it requires wit, understanding, focused game play, hitting it daily, bouncing back from losses and loving your wins.

Basically, the same as a running a business!

In the fleet game there are hundreds of possible decisions to make and in this one I went off and did my own thing. I didn’t listen to anyone, I copied no one, but I kept my eyes open for great ideas from everyone else.

As this played out I put them together and I have been playing the game for 6 months. Out of 10,000 active players, TODAY I REACHED #1!

I am so happy and I only wish business was that easy, but in this virtual Star Wars World I have done it.

My advice, thinking and lessons? When I started playing I spent my time copying everyone else. This resulted in me continually losing. The moment I started to play my own complete game, I started gradually became better and climbing the ranks.

I just realised I made first in the world today and I am pumped! Of course, I know how to keep it (so I will get bumped daily I am sure), but it’s just wonderful.

Play your own game wonderful friends. You won’t always come first, but as long as it’s your way you will at least be living true to yourself and loving what you do.

Thank you for the read, thank you Disney, Star Wars, George Lucas, Electronic Arts and friends. Love your work!

P.S. Also to you Joel Curtis. You rock.