I was quite impressed with the wording on the Sydney Tours Bus. Got me thinking...

I was quite impressed with the wording on the Sydney Tours Bus. Got me thinking…

Messaging in marketing is just critical!

When you are say business networking and meeting people one on one – it is actually *not as* critical. The reason being is that you can get to know people, there is time for people to understand you and then they purchase your services.

However, when you are working online, messaging is critical! If you have the wrong messaging, things just don’t work and people don’t care.

But if you have the right messaging, it creates a situation where people get what you do and feel motivated / inspired to take part in what you are talking about.

For me, I have progressed through lots of messaging and right now – testing many different things to help better grow my community and attract new awesome people. Some of my core messaging that I have worked through includes:

– 6 and 7 Figure Sales & Marketing Strategies.

– Make Life Happen.

– Grow, Succeed & Prosper.

– Get More Clients

– More Clients, More Money, More Time.

There are much more to this, however these are some of the key messages I have used to help sell my services and attract the right people into what I do. The challenge I have found with messaging is that it is very hard (if not impossible) just to sit at your desk and come up with the ‘right messaging’. It’s the exercise of trying to improve it everyday, testing stuff on say Facebook / the market (whatever platforms you use) and seeing what sticks and what does not.

For me, I have found that the ‘Get More Clients’ language has been a hit for me and working with that more has just been critical.

My advice awesome friends? Until you have mastered your wording, keep thinking about it, working on it and improving it. I am working heavily on Marketing my community (ironically) and it’s the result of lots of testing, trying stuff, improving and the like. Go hard, change things, cut what fails, back what works and love it.

Thanks for the read, trust it helps and go hard friends!



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