This was taken in the Inner West of Sydney. Seriously it was.

This was taken in the Inner West of Sydney. Seriously it was.

I love cool places? Who doesn’t after all? I am very lucky to often get across Sydney and visit key parts of town. From visiting clients in greater Sydney right through to those nestled in the CBD – I see all sorts of experiences.

One that totally impressed me was meeting with Nicole Davidson at ‘The Grounds’ in Alexandria. For those that haven’t been, it’s basically like a little ‘Country Village’ nestled in Sydney’s Commercial Inner West.

It’s full of great cafes, cool people, top quality food in a place with trees, a canopy and even farm animals.

Yes, you got it farm animals. You can be say working at a biotech firm down the road, you go there for lunch and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your latte whilst seeing chickens, goats, sheep and even their hero character ‘Kevin Bacon’ (who is a massive pig. Not the actor, he rocks lol).

When I went there the other day during ‘business hours’ the animal farm / petting zoo just jumped out to me generating laughs, smiles and even put a great video on Facebook.

The only issue I have with the grounds is that it’s too popular! On weekends just forget it and even outside of peak periods it’s busy, fast paced and all happening.

There are a lot of reasons for its success if you wanted to do a business case on it, however from a pure emotional viewpoint I can tell you that it’s cool. It’s cool, compelling and a great place to visit

My lessons and learnings? Make your own business as cool as possible. Even in ‘serious’ businesses, you can include some warmth to make it more compelling and attractive to your market. For most, being cool is a very profitable thing to be.

The definition of ‘cool’ is someone which only you can figure out relative to your business and the people you serve. From my own viewpoint, it’s basically making it super desirable from the viewpoint of whoever your customers are.

In terms of the grounds, for Sydney Urban Dwellers it’s very cool. Hence it’s hard to get a damn seat there.

Make your business and marketing as cool as possible – and I promise great things to come. Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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