The Legal Eagle Kimberly Buttriss. Intelligent, Focus, Generous and a pleasure to work with.  Awesome things tend to happen when one hangs out more with awesome people!

The Legal Eagle Kimberly Buttriss. Intelligent, Focused, Generous and a pleasure to work with. Awesome things tend to happen when one hangs out more with awesome people!

I have heard over and over again that often the results you have in the life (be it health, funding or the like) is the average of the five people who are mentally the closest to you.  I tend to agree with this statement more and more as life passes in that over time I feel like I am getting more successful and surprise, surprise I am spending time with a much higher calibre of person that I say would several years ago.

To be clear on this point too, I don’t mean in some superficial way in that they are loaded or anything.  Although they are often wealthier, I am not just judging people by their respective ‘power’ or ‘funding’ available to them.

My assessment of them is based on all areas of life and I am very blessed to have great new friends that have higher standards in general.  Be it health, friendliness, caring – it’s not all dollars in the bank that makes one person better than another (although a good chunk of society tend to think that way!).

What inspired me to write this article was some post reflection of meeting the sharp operator Kimberly Buttriss.  She is an Associate in the Family Law Area of Marsdens Law Group and I have been totally lucky to originally meet her through the 4Networking Australia business community.  It was a pleasure meeting her today to catch up, talk shop, public speaking, events and the like.  After meeting with her, I left on a positive high and had a day setup for success.

This got me thinking about how my life used to play out originally.  I remember when my self-esteem was not there, I would always find myself just surrounded by the wrong people. Even if they had money, they still sucked totally in that they either made their money through questionable means, or they used it as means to dominate others to fill their own insecurities.

Overtime many of us have improved our own self-worth and what I find powerful about doing that is that you automatically hang out with a better quality of person.  This makes sense actually, because if you have an improved sense of self-worth, you are probably nicer to yourself and other people – so why on earth wouldn’t they want to hang out with you?

Going back to the sharp Kimberly, I am very lucky to be able to work alongside her and other characters of her calibre in the Sydney Business Community. Why? They are not only avatars of success in their respective fields, but they are generous characters who often mirror key traits I find very aspirational and wishing to develop in myself.

My advice and learnings from this rocking day? Listen to your mother, only hang out with great people and watch your life play out the way you want it!

Hope this helps trigger some inspiration (check out my Awesome Marketing Vault here of course!) and happy days / nights awesome friends!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Man who is a fan of Awesome People!



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