Research, Innovation, Ideas, Technology Upgrades and New Content has been Vital to my Success! I highly recommend it for everyone as a great strategy for success!

Research, Innovation, Ideas, Technology Upgrades and New Content has been Vital to my Success! I highly recommend it for everyone as a great strategy for success!

My stage in business has been a massive time for improvement, reflection and consolidation for me.  Cleaning up old debt, building auto-responders, processes and basically things which I wish I could have done 2 years ago (but couldn’t as I was trying to survive).  Now looking back as a “Success”, I can see the cycles of business play out in a very informative and compelling manner.

One topic of interest lately to me has been all the people I have seen come and go.  I once left this Private Coaching College in Melbourne (which was good, but also created a lot of issues – another story for another time!) there were plenty of people who finished with me.  I went in the Sales & Marketing direction and they were all more in the Mindset direction.

I remember many would laugh at me and pick on me in terms of my generous pricing, no contracts and great conditions for clients and the like.  As the years passed, almost all of them are gone now and what was interesting was meeting people ahead of me that are no longer in business.

I have known probably at least 8 x Business Consultants and people that were in business when I started out and they were miles ahead of me. I remember even having “Vista-Print” $50 Business Cards once and they would be armed with maximum thickness and quality.  One “Meanie Porky Balding Guy Business Coach” even picked on my credentials at a Networking Event when I started out. That was so upsetting at the time and I am not sure if he is even active anymore.

I made lots of mistakes, but one thing I realized that helped my success beyond many others was my research and technology drive. I would always be upgrading my business cards, working on websites, driving my Facebook Community, upgrading my Corporate Profiles, purchasing Branded Coffee Cups and with the little money I had after my expenses I would put them back into the business to make it stronger and stronger.

What was fascinating was that after about 2 – 3 years of this approach, I kind of realized that all my little cumulative upgrades left me way stronger than everyone else.  People I started against who were one miles ahead of me looked very questionable to what I had.  Many are not even around anymore and I put it down to my “Research / Innovation” drive as being a key reason why I won in business.

The lesson for me of course is to not stop! (Which I can promise you I am not).  We have seen all big companies like Nokia, Qantas, Kodak, The Book stores all once be the subject of admiration to be companies on the edge or not in business anymore.

My advice upon reflection of all this? My own survival has been on the back of continual innovation and improvements and you can see this in the technology companies.  Apple (not so much anymore but under Jobs for sure), Samsung, Google, Microsoft are always putting out new technology to really grab people, keep market share and keep people inspired.

A great thing to do in ones own business I think! And of course if you love to see some of my own innovation, then I would love to soft sell (thank you!) my Online Sales & Marketing Course the “Awesome Marketing Vault”.  You can get instant access by clicking right here friends!

Thank you from Edward Zia and keep up the fun success awesome friends!!



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