The Gentle Psychologist Joel Curtis is our Guest Blogger in this fine article on 'Developing a Business Mindset'.  Raw, Real and Very Accurate Advice here!

The Gentle Psychologist Joel Curtis is our Guest Blogger in this fine article on ‘Developing a Business Mindset’. Raw, Real and Very Accurate Advice here!

Our not so humble blog anymore has the Psychologist / Thought Leader Joel Curtis back in his next article “Developing a Business Mindset”.

Joel is one top operator and I have found his insights not only compelling, but very credible and based on sound logic and reality.  I found this guest blog article direct, raw, hard-hitting and I 100% agree with it.  If you want to learn more, Google this genius of an operator!

Developing an Intelligent Business Mindset by Joel Curtis:

Repeat after me. “Everything that isn’t happening in my business, is my fault.”

It probably doesn’t feel that good when you say it and developing the *right* mindset in business can be a real challenge to master.

As our businesses are dependent on ourselves, we need to have our own thinking on track, which leads to on track behaviours which can help us achieve powerful business results.

This type of *right* business mindset requires us as business owners to take responsibility for everything in our business. Be it things that are going well, going not so well, or not going at all.  This can be daunting in itself and in order for this type of thinking to work, you cannot take things personally. Business isn’t personal, it’s not your “child” and the moment you see things that way – it can rob you of your power to made decisive and well thought out decisions.

Decision making, making difficult calls and decisive decisions can be the difference between failure and success.  It’s all up to you to make it happen and if you focus on the wrong things at the wrong time, or even make no decision – it can make situations worse.

It’s not about making 100% perfect decisions all the time, as that is not going to happen in a world as complex as ours with often many variables outside of our control.  When we let go of the past, move on from our previous mistakes and focus on the present and the future – we can create new amazing results.

The business mindset is one that is progressive, well thought out and makes decisive moves to achieve powerful results.

Edward’s Notes: Brilliant Right?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that was brief, hard hitting and very compelling.  Contact Joel anytime to learn more about how he can help you and a massive thanks from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and Admirer of Joel!



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