Drinking Wine, Creativity and New Marketing Ideas.  I think they can go hand in hand at times! (Roger Smith from American Dad must agree with me here!)

Drinking Wine, Creativity and New Marketing Ideas. I think they can go hand in hand at times! (Roger Smith from American Dad must agree with me here!)

Yes it’s Friday night as I write this blog post and it’s a late one. I have had a rocking day, signed up tons of new clients and done some awesomely crazy hours this week.

As part of my own Marketing Program, Personal Development, Enjoyment and my own “Contract” with myself, I write a blog article every day.  Most of the time I have many ideas, however after the long productive day – I went to write an article and my mind went blank.

YES, it went totally blank and I even had a case of writer’s block.  I obviously wasn’t too thrilled at this prospect so I had this “Great Idea” (which probably won’t be great in the morning) – LET’S DRINK WINE! You heard me exactly, instead of relying on my own creativity, years of training and impressive blog record – I decided to consume alcohol to help come up with an idea.

It turned out the great idea that came to mind was exactly what I am writing about! Although I rarely drink and I fully support moderation and the like – I think the point is more than when you “Relax” and let your poor overworked Brain “Rest” it allows for great creative & strategic insights to come up.

For me right now, it’s about 9:20PM and I am feeling good! I am relaxing, getting ready for a massive sleep in and reflecting on my wins, losses (not many this week yay) and new insights.

What I am about to say can be very hard / not doable at times in business – but critical as much as we can:

– We need to Stop Thinking About Work for the Work Related Creative Ideas to Flow!

It’s very easy to get caught up in our own rat race at times, be too close the business we run and it’s only too easy lose our own objectivity in the process.  What I have found many times, is that when we “Force” ourselves to stop – it allows our minds to catch up, process information and help pump out great insights to make our business better.

For me, just sitting here at my PC, drinking my Wine and talking straight to you through these words has got me reflecting on my own Marketing Strategy and how I can totally make it even better and better each day.  That is – you just can’t “Work like a Dawg” all the time – relaxing is not a form of laziness, it can be quite productive!

My advice and thinking? Work hard but give yourself time to relax.  Your brain will love it, you will get more creative ideas and life just becomes that more fun.  Love your work, thank you for the read and you rock!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger and Commentator who is drinking Red Wine right now and loves what he does.  If you like his rather “Interesting” writings, you may love his Premium Online Marketing Community, The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia >> Right Here!

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  1. Another great blog Edward.

    I don’t have much comment for this one but I will take your advice very seriously.

    Off to get a glass of red wine. Catchya later!


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