I’m gunna take me another shot I am

my-many-games-of-star-wars-commander-has-taught-me-about-losing-and-winning-keep-at-itIt’s quite funny when we are working away improving our Marketing and our business.

My 2016 has been one of seriously questioning everything, changing everything and improving what I am doing.

It’s been a great one – a total change in the way I work and it’s come down to less hours worked by myself and more value delivered to my clients and the community.

What I have learned as a result of all this is that when we try and improve things; it doesn’t always work. I have a really good Facebook advertisement going now (8 minute video) that is the best I have ever done.

I am trying to improve on it and I have taken now 2 shots and I can’t beat it. What I did was just that good, it’s hard for me to beat and improve on.

It’s certainly a good problem to have and I have a few hours off in Sydney CBD after a lunch client meeting. As a result, I am going to drag myself to Luna Park / under Sydney Harbour Bridge to have another shot at the video (well not drag myself, but head there with smile, bounce and be ready to try again).

Basically what I have considered is that I may actually fail in doing my new Facebook Video today. I am not being negative or anything like that – it’s a different perspective.

I may totally nail it today and if I do that is great. Let’s say I don’t, but it will take me 3 x shots to get really good at it.¬†That is, it will take me 3 x shots to get the perfect result. Then that new video takes my business to a new level of success and abundance.

So it’s not that “Oh Cawd, I have failed today” if it doesn’t work out. It’s a matter of “I am a bit closer”.

One of the favourite metaphors I have had is a great initiative from the Quitline with their campaign idea “Never Quit Quitting”. It demonstrates to people that you may have to quit quite a few times but every time you quit – you get closer to knowing the bad stuff for good.

That makes perfect sense to me in both a positive and negative sense. Sometimes everytime we try it we still don’t have the result; but we are that one step closer to winning.

My advice friends? Keep at it. You won’t always get it and that is great. However every time brings you that little bit closer to an EPIC win.

Thanks for the read, wish me luck today (lol) and stay awesome!