Dreams and conversations with Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy came into my dreams to give me Marketing advice. I best speak to Joel Curtis lol

Miss Piggy came into my dreams to give me Marketing advice (image credit, Miss Piggy – Twitter)

It’s been one of the first times for me in about 10 years where I can actually slow down, rest up and ironically deliver more to more clients that I did when I was running around like crazy.

I have been blessed to get better at what I do, have more systems in place, get work done quicker and most importantly cut to the chase faster. As a result, I have been relaxing and resting up as much as I can. It’s been a long decade for me and I have loved it. Things are humming and through automation and leverage I can keep things moving that way beyond my own input.

Interestingly, I have had lots of very cool dreams lately. I mean really funny, amusing, colourful and vivid ones. They have been really inspiring and have been strangely getting input into my marketing and thinking.

I am a massive fan of that ‘creative’ technique whereby you think of an issue as you fall asleep. Once you do lose main consciousness, it churns in your creative mind and it can give a new approach to a situation (hence why people have many breakthroughs in the morning shower).

For me, who did I dream of last night? You guessed it. Miss Piggy. She is awesome and a childhood amusing hero. I can’t recall the exact dialogue, but we where in a medieval setting and she was telling me how wonderful she was, how awesome she was and I recall she even said to me:

“Edward, you got to put yourself out there and tell the world how wonderful you are!”

Isnt’ that cool? Miss Piggy for FREE is giving me high level Marketing and Business advice. Obviously my mind has been churning this idea over and it’s now totally coming to the surface as a realisation for me.

It inspired me to write this blog and also record such thoughts.

What I have learned over the years is that our mind can speak to us in unique ways. It can be through conscious thoughts and questions – but sometimes it’s the ‘creative subconscious’ that may only come out through dreams or in strange experiences.

My advice and learnings? Marketing and Entrepreneurship is an artform and requires high levels of creativity. Create the conditions in your life for that to happen. Get well rested, be happy and listen to the crazy stuff in your dreams.

You may get that multi-million dollar idea. As for me, I am quite inspired to kick some butt today.

Thank you Miss Piggy! You rock. Stay awesome friends, listen to your feelings / creative mind and kick butt today.