I met Ronald McDonald!

Amal rocks and I was surprised Ronald could take my weight. I LOVE HIS WORK!

Amal rocks and I was surprised Ronald could take my weight. I LOVE HIS WORK!

The business networking I do today is far more random, interesting, out there and happening that it ever has been.

From meeting people in public places that end up spending $10,000+ with me (this actually has happened), to literally doing elevator pitches that lead to clients (as in I meet someone in an elevator, swapped cards and got meetings), right through to formal networking events; you would be amazed at the connections I get.

Interestingly as I walked home from a networking event in Sydney CBD, someone recognised me in the street! I honestly had little idea who they were, yet they recognised me from a Chamber event. I then recalled who they were as she said, “Say, you’re Edward Zia aren’t you?”. It was the awesome Amal Maait from Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Amal is the wonderful Corporate Development Manager of the charitable house, which exists to help families and children stay together whilst children go through extended procedures at Westmead Hospital.

We met up and she took me for tour of Ronald McDonald House. It’s brand new there, massive, has impressive facilities and feels like a Novotel when you go through the facilities there. It was extremely impressive, and the charitable side of McDonald’s really won me over there.

My lessons from this one? When you are considering charities to donate too, I would love you to add Ronald McDonald House to that one. They work very hard to raise funds and they do great work.

>> Learn more about Ronald McDonald House Westmead here!

I love their work, thank you Amal for the tour and LOVE YOUR WORK.

Big things ahead and watch this space ????