I love my MICROSOFT pen and I took heaps of them!

The best pen that has ever existed and SHALL EVER EXIST!

The best pen that has ever existed and SHALL EVER EXIST!

I had a wonderful Entrepreneur Networking Event back at the Microsoft Flagship store last week. It was full of great looking people (including me), Microsoft put on an incredible breakfast (with a great barista making coffee) and they gave us all sorts of goodies.

It was the mark of my week and I got so much out of that.

During the week, I noticed they had a stack of Microsoft pens and they were seriously really good (really good). They weren’t just great pens, they also had the Microsoft Logo on there.

I took one and it just wasn’t enough. I took more and more. I realised I was kind of pushing my luck, so I stopped for about 5 minutes.

Then I went up and took another handful. Then another. Then more!

My advice and thinking? When you see great pens from a top company like Microsoft, takes heaps of them. They are really cool, and I am handing them to my friends (and they think I am so cool). Pens rock. Especially free ones from Microsoft.

I love your work friends, thank you Microsoft and thank you Bill Gates! (You are a great generous guy).