How I network sitting on MY BUTT

My butt rocks! It’s so nice to sit on it and network at the same time!

It’s been a great time in my life lately where the business has grown, and I have made many changes to my business and life.

Part of this includes Business Networking, connecting with new people and winning more and more. Business Networking is a core part of my business experience and the better I do that is the more I win.

I have also moved into WeWork Pyrmont (Sydney) recently, which is just incredible and I love so much on many levels.

If you also know me personally too, I may not be perfect (and believe me, I have my short comings), but I am the kind of guy who figures out environments quickly.

I worked out that the easiest way to Network and meet people at WeWork Pyrmont is by SITTING ON MY BUTT.

That is, I work on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Drink Tea, Eat Dates and just smile at people nearby. People have walked up to me, said hello and I invite them to my events.

One guy is even a Manager at IBM. People right up there.

My advice and thinking? If you are in a Coworking Space or a place like WeWork and you want to network, just sit on your butt somewhere in the open. Smile, people shall say hello and you make friends.

It’s always friends before business and it just works.

I love WeWork and networking SITTING ON MY BUTT!