How being an Entrepreneur turns you into a “RIGHT WINGER!”

All the smart business books are loaded with Right Wing concepts too. Nice!

I was with a wonderful client & friend during the week, who is an incredible entrepreneur.

They are not even 30 yet with a great business, staff and so much winning. We often talk about politics, are involved in the Australia Liberal Party (which is ‘Right Wing’ for my North American Friends).

He is surrounded by lots of crazy lefties and I made the point (which he liked) in that being in business, turns you into a “Right Winger” of some persuasion.

What is funny about all this, is that in the 90’s I was called a leftie, hippy and even at times a Socialist. I have always believed that race, gender and sexuality is irrelevant in that you judge people by the content of their character. I have always been pro Marriage Equality. I was against war in the middle east. I never liked big Government, or Religion running the show. I believed in leaving people along to live their own lives. I love free speech.

I haven’t changed, but the ‘left’ of politics have. They kicked me out of their movement a good 5 to 10 years ago, which means I am a “Right Winger” today (at least by their definition). What I found interesting even more, is that when you go into business, you become a Right Winger for sure.

Even if you don’t admit it, to succeed in business, you need to hold some Right Winger views. I have seen many lefties go into business and still claim to be ‘lefties’. On some issues they maybe, but, you have to be a Right Winger to succeed in business. Here’s why:

  • You must believe in the right to keep your profits: The extreme left is against profit, especially keeping the profits of what you earn. Wanting a profit is a right wing, personal property ownership viewpoint.
  • You want to legally minimize your taxes and pay less: Every bit of tax is less for you, your family and your employees. Any sane business owner will pay the legal lowest taxes they can. Many will want the government to charge less tax. Right Winger view!
  • You want to hire the best people, regardless of race, gender, religion, preferences and more: Not according to the left. You must hire on quotas, based on some decided demographic preference. This comes from the modern left.
  • You can’t say certain things in case you ‘offend’: Totally from the left. They are the key drivers of censorship too (especially online). Right Wingers always offend (lol, it’s true).
  • You respect the right to private property and ownership: Your business assets are your business assets. Not anyone elses, and you don’t expect the government or anyone to come and take it at a whim. Right winger viewpoint.

My advice and thinking? Whether you admit it or not, to succeed in business you will need to be a Right Winger to some point. To successful self-made people I know all lean to the right, which makes logical sense.

If you consider yourself a leftie too, but agree with many of my viewpoints; you aren’t alone! I feel like a leftie at heart (and I used to be called one). However, as the left went crazier, they kicked people like us out long ago.

That’s cool, they will come back one day.

Love your work, enjoy the read and if you are a leftie or a right winger, I love your work 😊

P.S. This is secretly dedicated to my friend who is good looking, very smart and did nothing wrong. You know who you are x x