Nothing like getting in the flow and enjoying life like this fine man has! Yeah Spirituality and Abundance.  Yeah!

Nothing like getting in the flow and enjoying life like this fine man has! Yeah Spirituality and Abundance. Yeah!

My life has been amazing for me lately. Full of lows, highs and I have been totally loving it.  This coming Saturday I fly out on my big Business Trip I have had planned since I got washed up during the GFC and I am excited!

Tonight (being Tuesday) as I write this article, I just finished my “Last” gym session in my old life.  My trip I know will be extremely life changing on a range of levels.  It’s quite intense, I am mixing with some powerful awesome people that alone will take my thinking to the next level and will be dealing with extremes of wealth.  From Dubai, to the Multi-Millionaires I will be hanging out with, right through to the extreme poverty I will no doubt see in the Philippines.

As I was working out, part of me felt sad and yet happy – I was saying “Goodbye” to my old Gym (Anytime Fitness Ashfield). I will be coming back of course, but I know I will be as quite a different person.

On a much deeper level, I couldn’t help but to think of the many cycles in my life.   The Birth and Death of many things and the importance I think of the journey on the way.  From being a normal 4 year old with a family, to me at 10 living on the streets questioning why my family abandoned me, to getting accepted into the Government and losing friends and almost my life, from my first fiance saying “I do” and then getting the SMS saying it’s over, from buying a house to live with another fiance some years later, to sleeping in my car homeless with my poor cat, to building my business and going on my trip….

Life I think has many highs and lows and I think I am starting to really appreciate the importance of enjoying the process. I know I have (and so do many others) spend their life thinking about the next goal, the next objective and that thinking of “When I get there it will be okay”.  My own life and experience says that is totally not true and unless we find some sense of happiness in the moment we will be living constantly in a state of pain missing the critical moments.

My thinking from all this? Life is awesome, but can be very unpredictable at times – enjoy the journey, even the parts that suck as well as the parts that are sweet!

Thank you from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and Man who is going to change real soon!



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