Unfriending on Facebook, Backstabbing, Using Me just for referrals. My buddy Edward Wright and I were reflecting on some strange stuff we see out there.  Hence we love Awesome People!

Unfriending on Facebook, Backstabbing, Using Me just for referrals. My buddy Edward Wright and I were reflecting on some strange stuff we see out there. Hence we love Awesome People!

I love my old buddy Edward Wright.  He is one amazing Entrepreneur and Business owner and was one of my first Personal Mentoring Clients (I think he might have been the 6th – it was very early game I am telling you).  In the time I have known him, I have seen him go from barely making it and it was great in being a support character in helping him to the point where he is putting on staff and got a rockin Small Business doing Commercial IT.

Edward has also been one of the characters instrumental in building the 4Networking Australia Community Across Sydney.  He runs quite a few groups and is one savvy networker that has done amazingly well for himself.  What I find very interesting about his story is that it’s very similar to mine.  We have always been linked in someway in terms of our challenges and wins.

As we are both business leaders and run a lot of Networking Groups, we have both been at the entry point and are considered serious networkers across Sydney.  Edward and I had a funny conversation on the topic reflecting on the many people we have met over the years (literally thousands).

We have met all walks of life and tons of Awesome People.  Obviously the heading of this article lends me to speaking about some really “Strange” people.  If you read some of my previous posts, 2013 was a year of great challenge and achievement for me.  I dealt with many highs and lows.  From having nowhere to live, to starting new relationships, to building my business, to having friends use me and to meeting some awesome people who have enriched my life.

Edward and I have reflected on how some people are just “Strange”.  We both have had friends we have helped, given tons of referrals too, promoted, supported, listened to their problems and then all of a sudden they just drop you.  Be it unfriending you on Facebook, being backstabbed and all that great stuff.

I am quite used to this now, but in 2013 it was all new to me and it was quite hurtful.  The previous week I was spending time with the amazing Kimberly Buttriss from Marsdens Law Group.  She is a top operator, an Associate Level Solicitor and she was reflecting too on some people that comes through her door. Some are great and nice and she gets some that comes in who are just out to “Destroy” other people.  I loved how she put it “Some people are just narcissists or have personality disorders of some form”.

I found that interesting in that in my reflection of working with Edward – we both have had strange experiences like that.  Even recently for – I remember an old “Friend” tons of business (at least $50K of referrals over the years) only to have them stop referring business to me, promoting other people doing similar work over me and even send me obnoxious messages.  I gave them my last referral and they loved it – asked for some help back and got not even a peep in return.

I told this to Edward and he is like “Ha Ha”.  I think that is amazing and Kimberly is spot on – some people have really big issues that they let get in the way of their business.  Sure, I am not saying everyone has to like me – but if someone is making money from me for years and all of a sudden turns – hold on buddy that is not my problem, it’s theirs!

Edward Wright and I found this very funny.  HE HAS HAD IDENTICAL experiences.  Sure, some are legitimate disagreements over something (which can almost always be resolved) but I am talking to those purely strange people, that just do strange stuff.

My advice and learnings from this one? It can hurt a bit at the start when “Strange” people use you and abuse you (when you are in a Leadership Role, if you aren’t careful this can happen very easily – some target you), but it’s about releasing that if you are doing the right thing – it’s most likely their problem.  They are probably quite selfish, the could have psychological issues and probably aren’t very good business operators.

The Top Self-Made Business People I know are STABLE, CONSISTENT and AWESOME OPERATORS! I find these “Strange” ones that turn on you very rarely have any money. So be one of these guys! If you find out someone is using you like happened to me, make sure you distance yourself ASAP friends! I have had a few try me on this year, but I am getting way better at spotting them which is great!

A great lesson and with thanks to Edward Wright and Kimberly Buttriss for the input.  Loved writing this article and have a great day or night everyone globally!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Edward Wright’s Buddy and fellow who likes listening to Kimberly Buttriss.



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