Top Public Speaking tonight watching Emma Perrow and Jude Dowsett at Squeeze Wollongong.  Great structure that rocked the audience!

Top Public Speaking tonight watching Emma Perrow and Jude Dowsett at Squeeze Wollongong. Great structure that rocked the audience!

It’s 9:32PM and with Jude now and my full credit to her and Emma Perrow for running on amazing Squeeze Business Networking Event – in “The Gong” this time.  I have been running this event in Parramatta (Sydney) for a few years and the girls have adapted it to work brilliantly in “Regional Australia”.  I was extremely impressed and today in my work I was very lucky to spend time with the “Blind Motivational Mentor” (with lots of vision) Mariane Barakat.  We were talking about Public Speaking and I promised to write her an article just on the topic for more “Structure” in public speaking.

Even though these are my top tips, I want to be very clear with how things work here, PUBLIC SPEAKING IS AN ARTFORM! No question about it. Sure, they are some scientific principles but overall it’s an artform that getting right is just critical for maximum results.  If you are about to do some Public Speaking (especially for the first time), may I give you some tips on how to best structure it:

1) The Point: Before you go up there, think of the “Big Idea” you have for the audience.  You don’t want to get up there and waffle – you want to get up there with a clear and coherent point or thought you want to leave the audience with.

2) Your Agenda: What is your goal out of it? To make an impression? To sell a product? To sell someone else’s product? To educate and help? All of the above?

3) Your Right to be Up there: What is your credibility for speaking on the topic? What is your proof and why are you qualified as an expert?

4) Your Own Story and Experience: Be it credible research or your own story – how can you connect with the audience to make the major point?

5) Your Highs and Lows: What did you learn from and how did it enrich your life and how can it help the audience?

6) The Takeaway: What can people take away from this?

7) Your Close: Your invitation from the audience to either do business with you or at least say hello!

So let me put this together on Jude and Emma’s Amazing Work tonight.  This is how they basically ran a very successful event:

1) They said hello and explained they are business people who run Networking Events.

2) They told everyone the point of the night.

3) They shared some of their own personal insights and had great structure.

4) Their Guest Speaker talked about their own experiences and highs and lows.

5) They justified their logic extremely well.

6) They invited the audience to keep up their journey and speak to them about upcoming events.

7) They closed on a high with strong ideas!

Again, this is one awesome Art-form and should always be seen as such!   I hope this gives you some great ideas and well done to the amazing Jude and Emma for running one Awesome Squeeze Business Networking in Wollongong!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Networking Leader who needs some Chocolate right now! x x



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