Giving your sub-conscious mind a say in your Marketing

A bit of 'creative' goes a long way! (Image Credit, Fallout 4)

A bit of ‘creative’ goes a long way! (Image Credit, Fallout 4)

I know immediately that some of my technology friends and clients will look at this heading immediately tense up on this one. I don’t blame you actually if you are thinking negatively in that I would never have even dreamed of writing a blog of this nature say even 12 months ago.

I have always used to be very analytical about marketing as it’s great to know your numbers and how things are tracking.

However, marketing is an artform – meaning that the logical mind cannot always create the best solutions here. In fact; according to Google, artform can be defined as:

  • a conventionally established form of artistic composition, such as the novel, sonata, or sonnet.
    “the novel became the greatest art form of the nineteenth century”
    any activity regarded as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression.
    “he elevates stage managing to an art form”

You will notice that in these definitions it lacks the word such as ‘logic’ and to me the keyword here is ‘imaginative’. When you are talking business not many often bring ‘imaginative’ into the spectrum – but marketing certainly does.

If you say consider the brilliance of Steve Jobs, Trump, Bill Gates and those leaders some of their best moves / work wasn’t out of logic or what is proven. Steve Jobs created the iPad out of ‘thin air’ so to speak and it took over the market for many years. If you look at some of the worlds best and most memorable marketing campaigns; it has been ‘crazy left of field’ ideas that made a lot of money.

What I have been doing lately with great success is actually letting my creative side get more involved in my marketing. That is – letting my mind wander and being open to creative ideas. Some of the ideas I come up with won’t work or are purely bizarre; some have been absolutely brilliant and have taken my marketing to the next level.

In fact, some of my best Facebook Advertisements today are a result of that. I have clients that have turned around their businesses with creative thinking.

My advice and lessons? Don’t just be a numbers person or stick with the ‘seen’ in your marketing. Sit back when you can, be creative and let your mind come up with powerful ideas. It can be those unique moments of brilliant ideas where you achieve something new, powerful and amazing.

For me, my Facebook page is looking ten times better than it did 12 months ago. It was Creative Thinking that did that. Your subconscious brain rocks – let it speak to you 🙂

Thanks for the read, love your work, here is to letting our mind speak and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Fallout 4 / Vault Boy for your wisdom and image use!