Getting enough of the RIGHT type of customers!

Getting the RIGHT customers takes lots of MARKETING and being YOURSELF!

Getting the RIGHT customers takes lots of MARKETING and being YOURSELF!

If you think of any business, we always have a range of clients. We have our ones at the top that often give lots of the value and we get ones at the bottom which aren’t of very high value to us at all (of course my community is now only full of the wonderful!).

Interestingly, a common relationship is that the best customers pay the most and are the easiest to work with, with the most difficult clients who pay the least and create the most problems!

To me too, it’s not so much about how much money they pay. It’s the type of person who really appreciates what we do. My clients are just wonderful, and I so love their work.

What I have learned over the years is that getting customers isn’t so much the issue. Getting high value awesome customers takes a lot of work and sometimes it’s very much a sorting exercise working through them.

Over 2017 my wonderful community has grown and it’s full of incredible people. Along the way, a few of the ‘not so right’ people have come into the community and they don’t last long for a range of reasons. However, the ‘right’ people are the ones that remain, contribute and it all becomes just wonderful having them around.

To get lots of the right people, there is lots of Marketing that is required. It takes lots of getting up in front of people and a small percentage of any room are powerhouse characters that become our wonderful clients.

This means that it takes us LOTS of exposure to get the right clients! We also must of course be authentic and ourselves so we attract the right people too.

My advice and thinking? Marketing is as much of an attraction exercise as it’s a filtering one. As we embark on our journeys, we must go through and meet LOTS of people so at the end of the process we get the amount of high value wonderful clients we want.

My business has been that! My community is full of incredible people and it’s taken so much time, energy and effort to build that. Keep this in mind with your own Marketing. You must be seen by lots of people, so the wonderful ones come into your wonderful hands where you can look after them and help them achieve their own dreams and goals.

If you need more clients and especially the right ones; up your Marketing so they come your way. Great Marketing attracts the right ones, repels the wrong ones giving you great win / win relationships. This makes it just wonderful for everyone.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Happy Marketing friends!