Upping your own SELF VALUE and FUNDING!

I love speaking to high energy intelligent characters like Paula Dunn. It helps one unpack higher levels of thinking!

I love speaking to high energy intelligent characters like Paula Dunn. It helps one unpack higher levels of thinking!

My Sunday has been incredible with lots of it centred around speaking to a wonderful friend, creating new content for The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ whilst thinking about the fine concept of ‘Self Value’.

For my Mentoring my prices are going up by a good 50% next year to reflect not only my new thinking, but the amount of incredible value that I deliver in as little space of time (so if you aren’t a client, friends get in now!).

‘Self-Value’ is obviously a reference to how much we value ourselves, however I can tell you that it is a term that is thrown out a lot and rarely unpacked in anything meaningful way.

Talking more Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, Law, Accounting and the like (services); these are areas which this really plays out in many ways. You get people who charge at the bottom right through to the top and ‘self-value’ is a core component of what people end up charging.

If you so value yourself greatly, it changes everything and the way you behave on many levels. For example, if you value yourself great, this is probably how you think and behave:

– You naturally get attracted to wonderful people as cool as yourself.

– They pick up on how you think about yourself and connect with you.

– You have very low tolerance for BS or people that give you trouble (and you avoid them well).

– You charge what you are truly worth for what you deliver.

– You then push yourself to deliver more and more (as you believe in yourself).

– You respect others.

– They then respect you.

– And it snowballs, boulders, rolls or some cool colloquialism like that.

My wonderful friend Paula Dunn has been incredible in prompting me to write this blog to further explore and unpack this thinking. I love her clarity of thought and she has a very high standard where she pushes the envelope on raising one’s standards.

It’s interesting in that whenever I think back in life about people who aren’t very nice; I always got caught up with them because of my own self value. As my own sense of self has gone up, I have equally focused my time on the more wonderful (like incredible Paula and the friends like you I have today).

My advice and thinking? Keep increasing your own sense of value by your great deeds. That is, it’s very hard to sit at your desk and wish your way there.

However, through more hours, working away, getting results and going stronger; it keeps getting you more powerful in this regard (and of course your rate goes up!).

Love your work, go for gold, keep improving, thank you Paula Dunn and stay awesome friends!