Our fine new events rock - doing new things is the answer!

Our fine new events rock – doing new things is the answer!

It’s been a crazily positive day for me. From getting up at 5:30AM, hitting some breakfast networking events, meeting new clients, damaging my car and finishing off with a great event in Sydney CBD – I certainly get the ‘explorer medal’ today.

In the years I have been in business I have learned many things with one of the key recent lessons being that of ‘getting out there and exploring’.

Once upon a time I used to run a lot of Networking Groups which I loved and was a big part of what I did.

Even though I put my heart and soul into this, it did reach the point where everyone knew me and the returns were diminishing (as I knew all these amazing people).  As I accepted this new reality, I made it to my mission to get out there, explore and move in a powerful way.

As I hit new groups, met new people and picked up new clients – my revenue went up, I got plenty of new clients and life just really picked up for me.  I went to new places, people would see on me Facebook prior, I got new bigger clients and it was awesome.

Basically, by getting out of my ‘Sandbox’ I discovered this new profitable world I never knew anything about and as I got over my own fears, it became a liberating journey of meeting new people, exploring new places and growing my own horizons.

My big lessons from all this? When it comes to your business. Get out there! Explore, go to new places, new events and meet tons of people. It doesn’t take long to pick up new clients and smile in style.

If you are starting out or things have gone stagnant for you – time to change, go to new profitable places. It can take a bit of swallowing one’s fear (as it did for me), but oh boy it’s worth it.

Love your work, thank you to the great attendees from the Profitable Marketing Workshop tonight (pictured) and stay awesome!



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