Friends, Team Bonding & The Awesome TreeTops Adventure Park!

Team Bonding and Fun to the Extreme - TreeTops Adventure Park Rocks. Highly recommended!

Team Bonding and Fun to the Extreme – TreeTops Adventure Park Rocks. Highly recommended!

If you haven’t been, then I really must say you must check out the Awesome TreeTops Adventure Park. They have them all over New South Wales and they are basically this series of Zip-Lining and Balancing Challenges you have to do, in the treetops.

You have these ladders and platforms which you climb up, you attack yourself to steel cables (so it’s very safe) and you have challenges to go from platform to platform. Some are walking across planks suspended up there, some are mini-flying foxes, some are heavy & massive flying foxes and if you are afraid of heights – then this is the best cure to get over it.

I was very lucky to go today to the one in Western Sydney Parklands with some people I totally admire & value. Of course my significant other and great new friends Luke & Kate. In this adventure, us four went up together for a good 2 – 2.5 hours of going through the adventure courses.

It started off ‘very easy’ and I even thought – ‘Oh yeah, I am an Ex-Army Military Intelligence guy, this is easy’. My arrogance and ego was quickly revealed as it turned into a formidable challenge of balancing, overcoming fears and working as a team. I got into trouble at one point where I didn’t make the whole distance of a flying fox. Awesome Luke came to save me from laughable photos on Facebook.

Kate almost suffered a similar fate and I helped her. My better half got into some trouble too. As we walked out of there (very tired and very happy), the penny dropped from my understanding of how they help Corporate Teams.

I have known Pip & Sarah for years (they help run the park) and they have described very emotional journeys as to how it’s got people to overcome life long fears, make enemies friends, make friends better friends and improve the collaboration and cooperation of teams.

I can totally understand that now first hand. Even though I love my better half and I think Luke & Kate are awesome, our friendship has gone to that extra level.

My advice and learnings? Thinking out of the box, doing new things and fun ‘Personal Development’ activities are very important for high performing people & teams. The more you connect and work with your friends / colleagues the better and TreeTops Adventure Park is a great way of doing it.

Go and check it out, it’s awesome and I have to thank Pip, Sarah and the fine team who run a tight ship.

Love your work, thank you for the read, check out The Awesome Marketing Vault & Stay Awesome!