Probably the direct opposite of some of the funny fight scenes in Family Guy - in Business when relationships go sour it can be best to move on fast and forget about it!

Probably the direct opposite of some of the funny fight scenes in Family Guy – in Business when relationships go sour it can be best to move on fast and forget about it!

I met with a great friend & client today (who shall remain nameless, but she knows who she is and the respect I hold for her).  We spoke about many things and she had a rough experience in her business.  Basically, someone she has worked with for a long time and that person just “Turned” on her, leaving her quite sad about coming out with the raw end of a business deal.

She was great today when we spoke and boy I could relate to her in business.  Probably about 7 – 8 times in my business life, I have had business relationships go sour with people turning on me or trying to take advantage of me.  This isn’t much really compared to the hundreds of relationships I have which is great.

Even though 7 to 8 times over a few years is nothing, like my friend – it certainly doesn’t feel like nothing when you are going through the process.  I have had great experiences (like my friend) of people using me for free work, taking my referrals and then back stabbing me, not paying invoices and even trying to just bully me / push me around for the sadistic fun of it.

As we shared our experiences, there was a great sense of humour in the air. Recently I had a similar experience.  I was helping a few different people, giving up lots of my time, I didn’t do things exactly the way they wanted – and I got quite a nasty malicious bite from a few of them.  It was quite upsetting too actually and as we compared notes, we joked and basically laughed it all off.

A big epiphany for me and my awesome friend was how quickly things can turn.  A few weeks ago I was down a few clients early January and now my workload has exploded (it instantly swung for the better).  My friend and I were working with other people and it was great, then things just broke down quickly (it instantly swung for the worse).  I had a day where I won a big client, had someone ring up and yell at me, then picked up another client and got a massive testimonial in (it swung for the better, a little for the worse and then a massive swing for the better).

Basically, we found this very funny and this is modern life in Sydney.  Things can swing on a dime for better or for worse and what we realized is that you have to make changes very quickly and get over things very quickly.

For example, we both got burned in deals and instead of worrying about it for months, we just moved on very quickly.  Then, instead of “Thinking about it for weeks”, we just got over it in a few hours and moved onto bigger things.  The reality is that as stuff happens in the face paced city, you gotta be ready to pick up opportunities and can’t let bad things drag you down.  Otherwise, you can miss lots of good things if you are in a “Bad” place to do it.

My advice? If people / deals turn nasty on you get out quickly.  Then forget about them ASAP and move onto the next best thing.  Life is short, there are always more great opportunities out there and can get rid of those negative emotions and replace it with happiness.

Love your work, this is my Friday night blog article and depending on when you read this, I hope you have some great relaxing times!

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