This was an awesome Melbourne Breakfast from St. Kilda - must enjoy it while I can!

This was an awesome Melbourne Breakfast from St. Kilda – must enjoy it while I can!

It’s been an absolute pleasure taking a short holiday visiting my folks in Melbourne. My significant other and I have really enjoyed it and when I get back to Sydney (tomorrow), I have some really big projects due out.

This month I am deploying a massive update to ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’, doing lots of consulting on new clients, improving the business and working on the accounts – basically, getting ready for the next stage of growth and work.

What can happen very easily in business is that at times we have lots of work to do which is ‘time sensitive’. I have people who talk about ‘work life balance’ (who normally don’t have many clients) and whether this is true or not – the reality is that at times in business, we have tons of ‘critical’ things due at once.

Sure, if you don’t do them all it’s not like the galaxy will implode or anything like that, BUT it can be very disruptive to projects, deadlines and things that must be met in order to give you the given results you have.

One big thing I have learned in business is that you will just have really peak times. Be it you get lots of clients, you make tons of money, you are pumping out great projects or like – or tragically something can go against you.

In this context I am more getting to the positive in terms of one where we get busy – we need to keep at it until we get a ‘rest’ time. I am coming to the end of a great rest period now and what I have learned is that we have to enjoy them while we can.

We get busy, we get successful, we have families and we have ambition – which is awesome!

My lessons and advice from this one? When you have time off – enjoy it and love it! I know I have a busy run till the end of the year, so I am enjoying it as much as I can. Once I get back, it’s going to be a busy run which is awesome (as the projects I have give one awesome pay off for life).

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!



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