From Cakes, to Coffee, to Culture - This Trip to Melbourne rocked and gave me lots of ideas...Profitable Ones at That!

From Cakes, to Coffee, to Culture – This Trip to Melbourne rocked and gave me lots of ideas…Profitable Ones at That!

Visiting Melbourne has totally rocked and it’s been a massive pleasure of a trip. I went with my special significant other, had some time off, visited the folks and had some amazing food.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love Sydney but the food Melbourne is amazing. Coffee, Cakes, Italian – it’s all awesome. During this time out it’s really got me thinking on the business from a different viewpoint.

That is, instead of working ‘in’ the business, I have been relaxing and working ‘on’ the business (as the old cliche goes). It’s been such a recharge to the system, I wanted to share with you my top findings. One or two of these may inspire you and they include:

1. Getting the Small Things Right: Getting the small things right on a day by day business is critical in business. The coolest places we went into in Melbourne have the finer detail right.

2. Leverage, Automation & Systems: You would have heard me beat this drum many times and it’s awesome. If your primary income is linked to how hard you work (e.g. time for money) watch out – it’s great, but make sure you work on more automated sources of income (e.g. my take of that is ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’)

3. Work On Your Health: I would have put on a little bit of weight in Melbourne, BUT I lost heaps before I went so I am still ahead. Health is important and totally critical.

4. Consistent Contact: I used to think I would create the ‘Killer’ ad that would turn my business around. Nope. It’s constant contact. Regular great posts, emails and the like are important.

5. Play Your Own Game: When I follow other people I have always gotten into trouble. By taking my own stance and being my ownself it’s been awesome – and more profitable.

6. Use Technology: I am actually writing this blog now in Melbourne Airport. Isn’t that cool? Instead of just sitting here for an hour, I am having fun and talking to these people.

7. Think of Your Big Goal: I have learned that it’s important to have a big goal. As much as I love my job, no one wants to be doing the same thing for 20 years. Think of your master plan and your ‘big goal’ that keeps you going and is what you are aiming for.

So there you go! Some great lessons from my trip and the plane is cometh soon.

Thank you for the read, enjoy the thoughts and of course – Stay Awesome!



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