Ed’s insider tips for making your FB Ads get noticed, get clicked and CONVERT!

This is one of my favourite FB ads ever. Lots of great reasons for that!

This is one of my favourite FB ads ever. Lots of great reasons for that!

I have been spending at least an hour a day for the past 7 days just working on the FB Advertising side of my FB Campaign.

Even though I have been doing FB advertising for a while, I am going through a massive upgrade to make it drive more online sales of my Awesome Marketing Vault, get opt-ins to my fortnightly webinars and give me better brand presence across Sydney.

It’s worked incredibly well for me and many have asked me about my top key lessons for making one’s FB ads convert. Be it you are doing for FB page likes, traffic to your website, video views or whatever the case maybe; these are the top things that go through my mind every day:

–          Right ad to the right audience: Before you think pretty colours, make sure you define your audience well, so the right people see your message. For example, I target Sydney, so I target entrepreneurs across metro.

–          Great headlines and captions: I love big bold headings that say straight up what things are about and avoid fluff. E.g. “I’d love to help you Get More Clients, More Money, More Time and WIN BIG” has got lots of clicks.

–          Catchy images & videos: No boring! Bright colours, smiles, movement and the lot to make it really grab attention. This goes great with the written word.

–          Strong pages to send traffic too: Getting clicks is one issue, getting sales or opt-ins is the other step. If you are getting great traffic from FB to your page and you know it’s the right people (my likes often confirm that), you then know the target page needs work.

–          Lots of AB Testing: I am forever testing new ads against the old ads and stepping it up.

There is much more to this of course, however these are some of my top line lessons.

My advice and thinking? If you want to win on FB really get into it and make this side work just great for you. It’s worked out really well for me and I love it.

Enjoy, love your work, thank you FB and stay awesome!