Doubling Down: That time you decide to go hard!

Especially if you take a loss - it's the perfect time to 'Double Down' and go hard! (Image Credit & Thanks: Star Wars)

Especially if you take a loss – it’s the perfect time to ‘Double Down’ and go hard! (Image Credit & Thanks: Star Wars)

2016 was a tough year with a glorious ending. Donald Trump got in! I worked very hard and did my part to help him get elected with endless fun comments on social media, Tweeting till very late at night and having constructive debates with others discussing his policies.

Throughout this time I got exposed to a term which I actually learned when I studied Marketing at Monash University called “Doubling Down”.

In politics it basically means that when you are in trouble with something or you get some traction (positive or negative); you go very hard with it! It’s very similar for marketing too in its application and this has been my two practical applications of this expression:

  • Negative Situation: Say I lose a big client in the old days. I then double my marketing and get 4 x to replace them!
  • Positive Situation: My February 2017 was my largest month ever and love it, time to double my effort and go even harder.

Basically it’s type of mentality in which you consciously and physically decide to “go really hard and win”.

My advice and thinking?

I love it and there are key times in your life and business where you must do it – especially if you are creating positive change in your life. I am doing it right now and in a positive respect and I love it. Whenever I take a loss, I then act in a similar way to produce powerful results fast. Go hard, go harder and keep winning friends. That is where it’s at!

Love your work, thank you Lando Calrissian / Star Wars for the inspiration.