Developing Your Own UNIQUE STYLE!

My style has just worked and I love it. Find your own!

My style has just worked and I love it. Find your own!

Last year I went through a great reboot where I lost some of the old, kept part of the old and really focused on the direction I want to go in.

I had some great Mentors helping me get my style just right and I made a few decisions in this whole process. They were giving conflicting information with some of the advice they were giving me spot on, and some miles off the mark.

What got me thinking this about this experience was a selfie I took in the mirror at the Sofitel Wentworth. It was a very popular photo to share online that people loved, and I realised that I looked great!

I have had people to tell me to wear suits, Chino’s, loafer shoes and the like; which is not me at all, nor is my target market. I work with entrepreneurs and I can tell you that if I wear a suit to one of my events, I will probably halve my sales and give a weird vibe to the event (however I will gladly wear a suit to the Chamber).

I love my Designer Jeans, Doc Martens, Puffy Jackets, Baseball Caps (especially in the cold and extreme sunlight) and my technicians backpack carrying my range of equipment. It’s worked great for me and played out just great.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let anyone tell you ‘your look’. It’s something you want to explore, build and unpack over time. I have also lost a lot of weight too, which has made my look even more wonderful.

Will everyone like it? Hell no! But, the right people who I want to attract will and do. Work on your own style, love it and own it.

Love your work, thank you to my wonderful mentors and stay awesome friends!