Chocolate gives me short terms bursts of motivation which is great.  BUT - true long term motivation comes from within and having multiple clear WHY'S!  This gives true motivation from within!

Chocolate gives me short terms bursts of motivation which is great. BUT – true long term motivation comes from within and having multiple clear WHYS! This gives true motivation from within!

A lot of people give some great feedback and often say “Edward – I love your work and you are so motivated, how on Earth do you do it?”. That is very true – I am a very motivated character and when I put my mind to something I really go hard with it.  Not always, but quite often I get the results I am looking for with more wins than losses! (Although I have had some massive losses and had my head “Handed to me” many times).

The first thing I explain to people is that it’s not like I was “Born” this way or it’s some unique part of my personality.  It’s purely the fact I am doing what I want in life and I am quite inspired by my chance to help thousands of awesome people.

Plenty of times in life I have been the opposite of “Motivated” – in fact at times, I have even been a barrier to things I just don’t believe in.  I remember once amazing experience of motivation that didn’t last.  In one of my early jobs it was awesome at the start.  I got great training, I had a great manager, I worked hard, got rewarded well and the company loved me and I loved them.  It was one of my early Marketing Jobs and a taste of the workforce biting me.

They made me all massive promises about me getting extra staff and pay when I achieve the very tough targets they set me.  So I exceeded the targets and guess what happened? They got what they wanted out of me, cut my staff, cut my budgets and just got me into “Maintenance Mode” and took my hard work and knowledge.  They lied to me.  From day one they knew what they were doing – told me what I wanted to hear to get more out of me, then just shut me down.

I was there for maybe another 12 months and guess what! I had no motivation whatsoever.  I went from star employee to doing what I had to do and I really put myself into my studies and life outside of the company.   I took nothing at work too seriously, I stopped spending my social time with them and I moved on in life.  I was actually quite happy at the time, but from a work point of view – I was very demotivated.  They then tried to bully me back into some kind of fear based motivation and each time it did the opposite; I even got the point where I would just chill out.  I made them at least $2,000,000+ – so they owed me for a change! In the end they threatened me all the time and I just laughed at them.

Why? Because they sucked, they took advantage of me and I just didn’t care whether the company was going to last or not because they really played me for the fool.

Talking to the positive, I love my business and 4Networking (which I help run).  Why? They are nice to me, I get to help people, the pay is great, it’s my own business, it’s life on my own terms, I love the work, I get to pick who I work with, I do things my way, I have a great variety of work, I am a success entrepreneur, I love what I do and it rocks!

As you may have picked up, I have A LOT OF REASONS of WHY I like what I am doing today.  There are so many reasons stacked on top of each other and each gives me that bit of motivation and inspiration.

My advice for being more motivated? Don’t push yourself – think of the many WHYS you are doing it for and really connect with them.  Also, don’t make up something too.  You may be doing something which just sucks and the issue is not being motivated, it may be more “You are climbing the right ladder against the wrong wall”.

Great motivation comes from within! That I have found has given me a great sense of satisfaction in life.

I trust this more “Mindset” article helps and keep up the great work out there awesome friends!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor with lots of WHYS and Motivation!

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